Volume 3, Issue 2



Board Member Profile:

David L. Malcolm, President of Suncoast Financial Corporation

David Malcolm has been at Suncoast Financial since 1978, and was previously President of West Coast Restaurants.  Suncoast Financial has been in real estate sales, investment, management, lending and investment banking business for over 30 years.  Under  Malcolm’s leadership, Suncoast has been part of mapping land, building homes and apartments, and providing financing for municipal governments and thousands of home buyers throughout the United States.  Presently, Suncoast is focusing on the acquisition and securitization of unsubordinated long term ground leases.  Primary focus of these ground leases are on multi-user properties like office buildings, retail centers, apartments and mini storage facilities. Malcolm has handled and been involved in several hundred billion in real estate and investment banking transactions.

In 1989 Malcolm acquired the exclusive rights to build and develop Rally’s Hamburgers fast food chain in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties.  During his ownership, he had over 50 locations with over 1,000 employees.  He sold the Los Angeles and Orange County rights in 1994 and the San Diego rights in 1997.    

For the past 18 years (5 years as Chairman) Mr. Malcolm has been dedicated to helping Father Joe Villages/St. Vincent de Paul for the homeless.  He currently oversees construction of their 16th and Market project.

Malcolm serves on the Board of Directors for St. Vincent de Paul, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UCSD Board of Overseers, South Bay YMCA, American Cancer Society, and several publicly traded companies (all three major exchanges).