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Mari Perez, M.A., Ed.
Lamari Optimal Health


  July 1, 2010       |      Volume 4, Issue 7        |      |       contact us

Ambassador Profile: Mari Perez, M.A., Ed., Lamari Optimal Health

“Many thanks to the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce for this honor.  It is indeed a privilege to serve as an Ambassador.  To do so is a journey down a two-way street.  Not only is it an opportunity to gain in personal and business development, but also a way to help the Chamber grow and accomplish their goals - to recruit and retain new members and help members form strategic relationships that advance their business.

It is a pleasure to attend events, seek out guests and new members, and to enhance their experience by welcoming them, increasing their awareness of Chamber benefits, and
introducing them to others.   By doing so, I not only help others make good use of their
membership, but  also gain many new acquaintances.  For me, this experience has given new meaning to the phrase, ‘It’s all about them.’”                     

- Ms. Mari Perez, M.A., Ed.
  Lamari Optimal Health                       



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